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Evangelion TimeLine

Some of the days on the timeline might not be 100% correct!

1957 April29 Fuyutsuki Kouzou was born.

1967 April29 Rotubungi Gendou was born.

1977 ??????? Ikari Yui was born.

1984 June17 Ryouji Kaji was born.

1985 November21 Akagi Ritsuko was born.

1986 December8 Katsuragi Misato was born.

1990-1995 February13 Hyuga Makoto was born.

1990-1995 May5 Aoba Shigeru was born.

1991 July11 Ibuki Maya was born.

The 1st time Rotubungi Gendou and Fuyutsuki Kouzou met each other was in 1999 in Tokyo. Later that year, Rotubungi Gendou and Ikari Yui were married.

2000 September13 was the day that the 2nd impact occurred.

2000 September14 Nagisa Kaworu (also known as the 17th angel) was born.

The war between India and Pakistan erupted the day right after the birth of the 17th angel.

Tokyo was destroyed on September20 by N2 bomb.

2001 February18 Horaki Hikari was born.

2001 June6 Ikari Shinji was born.

2001 September12 Aida Kensuke was born.

2001 December4 Soryu Asuka Langley Zeppelin was born.

2001 December26 Suzuhara Touji was born.

2001 ?????? Ayanami Rei was born.

In 2002, the UN explained that the 2nd impact was because of a meteor hit Antarctica melting the ice caps.

The plan for building the evas start at 2003. The supercomputer "MAGI" was also being planned.

2004 July Soryu Asuka Langley Zeppelin's mother committed suicide. Her father was remarried.

Tokyo-3 started building in 2005.

The planning for the MAGI was completed in 2008. Akagi Ritsuko joined "GEHIRN".

One year later, Ryouji Kaji and Katsuragi Misato joined GEHIRN as well.

2010, the supercomputer "MAGI" was compeleted. GEHIRN broke up and "NERV" was formed.