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Hey all, this page is for those who think they know everything there is to know about evangelion! That's right, this is the evangelion quiz page!

Before doing the quiz below, please read the following...

There is NO multiple choice.

I'll send an e-mail back to you whether you win or lose. There is no limit on the amount of entries you can have. So don't give up if you couldn't get it the first time!

1.) What does L.C.L. stand for?

2.) When is Shinji's birthday?(This one is easy if you have read my site)

3.) What is the formal name of the Evangelions?

4.) Before Nerv was created, what was the organization called?

5.) Nagisa Kaworu describes something as "... A barrier of the heart that everybody has." What was he talking about?

6.) What year did Ikari Yui die, and how old was she?

7.) What color does Rei dislike?

8.) This one is easy, who is the first angel, when and where did it appear on Earth?

Bonus Questions! (OPTIONAL)

1.) From which author, and from which work of his comes Nerv's motto, "God's in his heaven- All's right with the world?"

2.) What is the fig leaf(on Nerv's logo) a symbol of?


E-MAIL ANSWER TO ME! (Go to contact me)

I'll put your name in my Eva Experts' Hall of Fame if you pass the quiz so everyone who come to my site can see your name. And to those of you who did and got the bonus questions correct, I'll put stars beside you name indicate that you are even better than the experts.