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July19, 2004
Wow, look at the lack of updates we've got here...haha, my apologies to all you evangelion fanz out there. ALOT has happened over these years as I continue to gain more knowledge on Evangelion and its movies.
I thank all you people we've sent me excellent comments to improve my site. I'll do whatever I can within my ability to achieve them. More info will be added to site asap.
Stick around ^^

Come on you people! No one is giving me any feed back at all! People you can e-mail me you know. I'll be waiting for my first message


Hello again everyone! I am sorry to say that I couldn't do what I've promised to finish doing because there was some problem with my internet services. I just fixed it so I think I can start working on it soon(I can't garentee when it will be done because I have a lot of homework to do during the next few weeks).

Please give me some feed back after visiting this site, so far there is NO BODY telling me what to improve on and I think my site is still very bad so PLEASE give me ANY comment.


I've uploaded some pictures in the episode review section but unfortunately the pictures are so small that is it hard to see. The pictures have highlighted the main point in each episode so to those of you who haven't seen evangelion, it should give you a clear idea of what each episode is about!
Before the end of summer, I think I'll be able to finish the angels page, come back soon!


I am planning to make an info page about the angels + I will be uploading more evangelions pictures soon. I've finished the TimeLine but I am double checking it just to make sure everything is ok, so be patient I'll be putting up the TimeLine within 2 days!


Hello all my visitors! As you can see this is a new site so hope you like it. I'll be creating an Evangelion TimeLine soon so please come back! While waiting you can downloading my midi (they don't take up much room so I think you can download them all)!
I've also included a chat room in this site so all evangelion fans can discuss their opinions about eva!!